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5 Unique Holiday Travel Must-Haves

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season never fails to make even the most high strung people in our lives happy and cheerful, and nights and weekends are jam packed with festive parties and gatherings with friends and families. The hustle and bustle of the season also happens to be the craziest time of the year for travel for many, 112.5 million people in the US alone last year to be exact.

Whether you’re traveling to spend time with your loved ones or simply taking a break from the grind for a little relaxation before it starts all over again, you don’t want to go into the insanity unprepared.  Luckily for you, we have some must-have items to not only make racing through airport crowds to catch your connecting flights a little easier, but you’ll look cool doing it.

First up on our list of travel must-haves is the Hitchcock Passport Holder.  This Durable 800d polyester passport holder comes in either black or a sweet denim, a strap and velcro for safe keeping, and two inner pockets for storage and quick accessibility; because nobody wants to be that guy (or girl) that holds up the boarding line while everything they’ve stuffed inside their passport goes flying every which way.  As if those aren’t enough reasons to travel with this bad boy, the Hitchcock passport holder also gives you a place to jot down your notes in the Small Book of Awesome, which is just awesome.

“I love it when airlines lose my luggage!” – said no one ever.  Over 24 million bags worldwide were reported lost or “mishandled” last year alone, and while we’ll leave it to Google to name names of the airline with the worst track records, our Merchant Tag will help reunite you with your lost luggage sooner rather than later should you add to the statistics.  Also coming in black or a sweet denim, the Merchant Tag will help your bag stand out among the boring bags on the carousel, helping you get to your destination faster and have your brand looking darn stylish while doing it.

Do you know what else is stylish?  Saving the environment. Hydration is key to staying healthy this time of the year, so why not give the gift of our Elemental 25oz. Stainless Steel Classic Water BottleInsulated with double-wall construction to keep your beverage cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours, this simple yet functional reusable bottle was designed to create a sustainable future for the future of the world we live in.  Save the planet, don’t use plastic.

Love it or hate it, the majority of us are more dependent on our cell phones than we’d like to admit.  Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure this time of the year, there are work emails to keep up with, friends to text, pictures to be taken, and social media pages to stalk. Our Tenfour 2.0 Power Bank is a travel must-have and will charge up to three devices at once to completion—with room to spare.  It’s loaded with with a USB-c port, two USB outputs, 10,400 mAh battery capacity, but the best part of the Tenfour is it’s full-color imprint area giving your brand to make its statement everywhere you go.

Last but not least is one of our everyday essentials, and is crucial for protection from germs and nasties during travels all year round.  Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you don’t want to leave home without our convenient Carabiner Sanitizer.  The sturdy clip will not only ensure antibacterial relief is close by at all times, but it will give your brand ultimate visibility everywhere you go.  Choose from a variety of carabiner colors and sanitizer scents to really showcase your brand, and promote healthy travels this holiday season.

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