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The year is 2020.  Now more than ever, Americans are feeling the importance of recycling, using energy-saving lighting and power in their homes and offices.  The landfill problem is a regular discussion at local town hall meetings across the country.  When it comes to buying promotional products, we too feel the need to cut down on waste and not only support, but promote the products in our industry that are giving back to environmental issues nation-wide.  


As reported in 2019, landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution, and roughly 80% of items in landfills could be recycled.  If that’s not drastic enough, 75% of America’s waste IS recyclable, yet only 30% of it is actually recycled.  In efforts to turn the social responsibility trend into an actual life practice, we have found plenty of promotional products that won’t end up in landfills, and more importantly, will make you feel better about buying promo knowing you’re helping the environment while you do it. 


First on our list is a group of wheat-based products. Yep, you read that right.  Coffee mugs, cups, and other kitchen products designed to amplify your image with sustainability in mindWe are particularly in love with these Wheat Straw Sets, which are not only so much more functional than those dang paper straws you’ve been seeing everywhere, but they’re biodegradable and reusable.  Plus, we love that you have three options to choose from, all of which can be taken with you everywhere you go, knowing you’re helping to save the environment with every sip you take.


What about recycled water bottles?  Did you know that a single recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 100-watt light bulb for four hours?  Did you also know that it creates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution than would be used while making new water bottles using other materials?  Enter Pathwater, which we think is the best of all water-drinking worlds.  While the average American uses 156 plastic bottles a year, the Pathwater aluminum bottle will last you for life.  Fun fact:  Aluminum is the only material that offers 100% endless recyclability, as long as it’s put back into the recycling system, as aluminum recyclables are melted down then made into new products.  What better way to amplify your image than to put your brand on items that are doing so much good for the environment?!


Have you heard of Apple Peel Journals?!  Those would be journals made 100% from apple peels, and yeah, we hadn’t either… until now.  This line of journals (which if you need a million plus reasons as to why journals should be one of the first items on your promo needs list as we side into the second half of 2020, talk to us.  We’ll help you target the right audience for the most ROI) is made from apple pulp that is ground, and then emulsified into organic paper.  These bad boys are all natural, all sustainable, and organic to the core (see what we did there?!).  In all seriousness, though, we can’t get enough of how great these journals are, and more importantly, what a great environment-saving conversation starter they are.  The recipients of these journals will not be disappointed, or your money back.  Just kidding on the money back part, but you get our point.


No matter what the occasion, you can’t go wrong when promoting your brand in a way that will also do great things for the world we live in.  We love seeing these amazing promotional products in use everywhere we go, and we think you’re going to really love them too.  Contact us for more ideas on how to promote your business while simultaneously loving our environment.


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