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Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool, largely due to the fact that they are the only form of advertising that has the ability to connect with consumers by using all five of our senses. Every single one can be seen and touched, unlike television commercials that can only be seen or radio ads that can be heard, but not seen or touched.  There are thousands of scented promotional products you can smell, plenty that produce sound, and yes, some of our favorites are even edible, engaging the sense of taste.  To add to that fun fact, and not really along the same line at all, it was reported in 2019 that 83% of people quite simply said they “just like receiving promotional products.”  That’s cool and all, but doesn’t everybody like getting something for the great price of free?!  While we don’t always like to just throw statistics at you, we do like to relay the magnitude of promotional products as they relate to growing your business; and hey, numbers talk.  


We pulled some statistics reported in 2019 from various sources, including our friends at PPAI, which in case you missed previous PPAI mentions, those would be our good friends at the Promotional Products Association International.  Ready? Prepare to have your mind blown.


  • 88% of consumers can recall the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 24 months.
  • 80% recall the messaging from (not just the name of) the advertiser on that promotional product.
  • 76% of those same consumers recalled the product received, the advertiser AND the message, and all 76% who recalled all three researched the advertiser further as a result.
  • 85% of promotional product recipients (in other surveys conducted in addition to the above stats) did business with the advertiser as a result of receiving the product.
  • 82% have a more favorable impression of a brand they’re already familiar with after receiving a promotional product from them.
  • 75% of people respond to a solicitation when coupled with a promotional product.
  • 74% of marketers attested that promotional products were a strong contribution to a campaign’s success.


Taking a deeper dive into the numbers, we also put together some fun facts on who’s paying attention to what when it comes to your promo.  Knowing your audience is often just as important as the product itself, and knowing your target audience is key when deciding what to print on the product each time.


  • Promotional products are the only form of advertising ranked Number One to be the most effective in prompting action across ALL generations (Millennials, Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation).
  • Based on information provided on or with the promotional product:
    • Millennials best recalled social media information
    • Gen-Xers best recalled directional calls to action and specific instructions on how to make that call to action happen
    • Baby Boomers best recalled reference points, such as a website or general contact information
  • The top three reasons people keep promotional products is because they’re fun, functional and trendy (which is definitely something we have in mind when helping you choose product for any given event or occasion). 
  • Men and women tend to own the same number of promotional products on average, although men tend to have a higher ‘call to action’ rate when receiving a promotional product with a perceived value of $20 or more, while women tend to react more often when receiving promo with a perceived value of $10 or less.


There are plenty more fun facts and stats we can geek out about and share with you, but these are the key things to consider when planning your next marketing campaign, and more importantly, building your brand as a whole.  There is so much more than product that goes into what we do at Brand-On, and when it comes to working with us, we don’t simply just want to sell you promotional products and branded apparel; we want to help you stand out from the rest.  This is why we continuously educate ourselves on everything industry related, and sharing everything we learn with you is just one of the ways we’re able to do that. Because hashtag knowledge is power. Also, we really want you to be as in love with promoting your brand as much as we’re in love with helping you do it.  Also again, we’re not really fans of false advertisement, so we’re not going to refer to doing what we do as amplifying your image if we’re not going to do just that.  That would just be rude, and we’re not fans of rude either.


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