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Does anyone else feel like they’ve spent more time in the kitchen since quarantine began?!   Whether you’ve been forced to cook more as a result of the Coronavirus or you’ve embraced the opportunity to get to cook more, there’s no denying the fact that the majority of our population has become a more regular guest in their kitchen lately.


PR Newswire called 2020 “The Year of the Comfort Food Comeback” in an article they published last September, and it was reported by NPR that over 50 percent of Americans have been cooking at home more – solely due to the pandemic.  Of  that 50 percent, 55 percent are riding the “cooking fatigue” struggle bus, while our uber-nice Canadian friends to the north are rumored to have been responsible for an 88 million-dollar increase in baking ingredients from grocery stores everywhere in the past year.  We know where we should have been quarantining this entire time…


As with any new lifestyle development, there is one heck of an opportunity for promotional products.  This recipient isn’t going to remember you strictly because they’re seeing your brand in their kitchen all day, every day these days.  They’re going to remember the way you made them feel, all because of the emotion you sparked in them with a simple, tangible ray of sunshine they can hold onto forever.  And that, our friend, is how you cement brand loyalty and establish customer retention.    


Amplifying your image goes beyond simply choosing a product; it’s more of an intent + relevance + a really cool product + an even cooler design =  An awesome, feel-good experience for the recipient.  


We put together a few of our favorite as-seen-in-the-kitchen promo items, along with some pretty great (in our humble opinions) branding opportunities for you.  Fine Print:  Don’t read on an empty stomach.  


Whether it’s appreciating work-from-home employees or celebrating a new one with a new-hire kit, you don’t have to break your budget to keep your people motivated.  We’re just in love with this Python Dinner Dice Game, and it makes for an easy mailer.  Pair it with a full-color custom card or print piece ride-along, with a message encouraging them to put the technology away and engage with the fam at the dinner table.  Looking to empower your female employees?  Surprise them with this “just because” token of your appreciation, with a hand-written note suggesting they grab the wine and have a “choose your own adventure” kind of Friday night with their girlfriends… because they earned it.  


If you’re working on a large-scale employee appreciation mailer campaign, we love simple, yet useful items.  These Wooden Measuring Spoons are somehow  basic and unique at the same time, and this simple Star Cookie Cutter is a fan favorite for our clients everywhere.  Insert corny “you are a star” marketing ride-along concept here.  If you really want to jazz it up, nothing says “you are appreciated” like chocolate.  Package it all together in a cool branded box and get ready to hit record on TikTok for the wildly still-trending “unboxing experience.”



Thank-you gifts in the workplace have become more meaningful and valued than ever before, and you want to stand out when sending a thank-you gift to your top clients when you’re letting them know you appreciate their loyalty now AND then.  Also, we like to think out-of-the-box when it comes to awards for company recognitions.  These seemingly different intentions bring a different set of Brand-On-Approved items, all interchangeable and quite suitable for delivering a powerful message on behalf of your brand. 


Modern and fun, this 5-Piece Kitchen Set is just as great for the guys as it is for the girls; for the single and the coupled-up.  Add a subtle laser-engraved logo, and since this does happen sometimes (we’re very sorry if we just rained on this promo parade, and we promise it’s not you, it’s them) they can turn it around.  But you can bet your bottom dollar they will definitely want to utilize this bad boy, and that means they will absolutely still remember your brand every time they see it.  Winning, our friend.  Winning.  Last but equally as cool, depending on the occasion, The Beaufort Acacia Cheese Board Set is always a crowd-pleasure, and who doesn’t want their own Personal Espresso Set?!


The key to growing any business is building a solid brand, and solid brands are built on promotional products and branded apparel.  And by “built on promotional products and branded apparel,” we mean solid brands are built on strong, dependable, and mutually beneficial partnerships.  At Brand-On, we focus on ways we can help your brand get that message across in the most creative and efficient ways possible.  Amplifying your image… it’s what we do. 


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