Five Unique Promotional Products
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5 Unique Promotional Products That Rock

A new year brings the opportunity for new product ideas! There are a lot of options out there, and we know that everything is not for everyone. Here are 5 products that I think you will resonate with at least one of them. 

1.PopGrip – Plant – PopSockets®

PopSockets® PopGrip – Plant – iClick

The new PopGrip Plant is a plant-based alternative to the original PopGrip that is better for the planet. In order to lower emissions, it is manufactured using 35% plant-based components. This is a positive development towards a greener tomorrow. The PopGrip Plant, like previous PopGrips, adheres flat to the back of your phone using reposition-able gel and has a detachable PopTop that allows for Qi wireless charging. It extends into a media stand and grip, letting you type with one hand, take pictures or view videos with the other. Now your customers can take those adorable selfies without fear of breaking their phones.

2. Dual USB Solar Charger with Smart Go Logo

The Dual USB Solar Powered Charger

How often do you find yourself in a place with no way to plug in your phone just before it dies? Even while portable chargers are pretty ubiquitous these days, I’ve found that their one major drawback is that they are useless if the user hasn’t remembered to charge the power bank before they need it. All your customers have to do to charge this solar charger is leave it in the sun. The outdoorsy, the traveling businessman, and anybody else who uses their phone frequently but never remembers to charge their power bank may appreciate receiving one of them as a present or promotional item.

3. Wheat Straw Bento Box

Wheat Straw Bento Box
With this bento box made from wheat straws, lunch will never be the same! This will be the pride of the office because it has 30% wheat straw and a bamboo lid that is environmentally friendly. To ensure everything fits comfortably in a lunch pack, the twin sections each have their own top and stack. A plastic fork, knife, and spoon are also included.

4. Waterproof Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker in Standard Packaging

Waterproof Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker with Standard Packaging – C-Slide

Are you a fan of the band Metallica? Possibly a follower of Fleetwood Mac’s music? What about Johnny Cash? Maybe you’re a fan of the musical Wicked. The speaker will rock the party no matter what kind of music you or your customers want to listen to. Natural bamboo wood is used to build this eco-friendly speaker, which is IPX4 waterproof and protects against water splatter.. Enjoy the crisp acoustics and low bass of real wood while displaying your brand proudly. The speaker has a rapid Bluetooth pairing time and is simple to use. Once it’s powered on, it’s ready to be linked to other devices.

5. Custom Lapel Pins – 1″ Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel

1″ Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel

Right, it’s full admission time. Enamel pins are very cool. Dozens of them are posted on my cork boards, and I always carry a few more. And I even got some on my denim jacket. The majority of my Etsy “favorites” folder is devoted to enamel pins. An enamel pin is the ultimate symbol of support and devotion. High-quality steel is used in the striking process, and the pieces are filled with enamel in a variety of colors.

I’m hoping that you find some of these products interesting and that they inspire you to get creative when obtaining promotional items for your clients. It’s amazing what a shift of perspective can achieve… what do you find cool? Most likely, you are not alone in your assessment. Let’s bring your vision to life and make the promotional product of your dreams a reality :). Contact us today at