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“Your customers don’t want better, they want different.” – Mike Michalowicz 


In 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime, their first ever subscription service that allowed members to shop over one million products to be delivered right to their doorstep in only two days.  What has gone on to be one of the largest, if not the largest, subscription services in the world today, the success of Amazon Prime has grown, not because it was necessarily better for the consumer (although it definitely was that), but because it put a different spin on how we looked at purchasing goods.  The buzz surrounding the announcement of an “all-you-can-eat express shipping service” seemed to negate any seemingly unnoticeable jumps in product pricing, because the convenience of online shopping now aligned with the common hindrance of the “need-it-now” mentality most consumers are wired with.  It was brilliant, and it launched a global demand for subscription services alike across various channels, such as movie rentals, music streaming, and much more.


Amazon Prime was different, because it created a lifestyle change in the minds of consumers everywhere.  They took an existing business model that streamlined online shopping across almost any product category imaginable, and they turned it into a brand.  Amazon took a simple logo and transformed it into human emotion; emotions of happiness, comfort and trust, that is now automatically sparked when you see that arrow printed on a box on your doorstep, or on a truck passing you on the freeway.  Most importantly, the evolution of Amazon Prime turned that little ole’ arrow into company recognition without any mention of the company name attached to it.  And that, our friend, is when you know you’ve made it.


At Brand-On, we’re all about presenting you with the limitless ways we can help you turn your logo into a brand.  We strive to provide you with branded apparel and promotional merchandise that is different from your competition, making a statement that builds client retention and brand loyalty.  We put together five of our favorite, and shockingly inexpensive, ways to upgrade the awesome branded apparel you’re already buying to help you do just that.  


1.  CUSTOM NECK LABELMost commonly seen with t-shirts, this has to be one of the easiest ways to turn your logo into a tangible brand.  We all have a favorite t-shirt.  Maybe it came in a swag-pack after finishing that half-marathon you had on your bucket list for years, or perhaps it was a “thank-you” gift for volunteering at a local event.  Ooh!  Maybe it was the over-priced memento you snagged from your favorite concert years back, that you sleep in every night because it feels like heaven every time you put it on.  Regardless of the memory attached, if it’s your favorite t-shirt, chances are you’ve looked at the label to see where it came from.  Imagine the impact of seeing your company’s logo printed where the traditional label would be, as if it were it’s very own retail brand.  If that doesn’t stand out in your client’s mind as memorable, we don’t know what will. 


2.  SOFT-FINISH WASH:  We highlighted the different t-shirt fabrications in SPEAKING PROMO – VOLUME 4: TEE TALK, but we neglected to mention the various upgrades we can make to that already heavenly-soft t-shirt by adding an extra wash or additional finish to the garment before printing it.  This provides an inexpensive means to creating that lived-in, favorite t-shirt feel from the second it gets in the recipient’s hands.  Hashtag the power of promo.


3.  CUSTOM PACKAGING:  Originally inspired by the trend of subscription services that quickly followed Amazon’s lead after launching Prime, the wow-factor behind shipping consumer goods in branded boxes have only amplified since unboxing became an actual trend, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Adding minor upgrades to your branded  apparel, such as wrapping it in decorated tissue paper or shipping it in a full-color custom box, packs one heck of a punch in the message it sends to the recipient.  It’s the little things, people, and we continue to see just how far a little bit of thought put into custom packaging goes in terms of standing out from the crowd.  Oh, and don’t worry, we already have the idea generators running for you. 


4.  BELLY BAND:  If you’re looking to make a statement without the cost or bulk of a custom box, a belly band is definitely going to be your new jam.  Quite simply, a belly band is a decorated piece of paper wrapped around an item, delivering the same statement as above, only without the mentioned cost or bulk of custom boxes.  They’re available in various shapes and sizes, with full-color decorating capabilities including personalization, which makes handing individual shirts out at large events a breeze.  Not to mention, belly bands are a more sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic poly bags we’ve seen in the past, especially since many belly band styles can be made from recycled material.


5.  OVER-THE-ZIPPER PRINTING:  Just as ink types and textile fabrications continue to evolve, so does the equipment and decorating capabilities we use, allowing us to cover more ground when printing on apparel than ever before.  Over-the-zipper printing has always been one of our personal faves in terms of being different and catching attention, as it’s been seen throughout the trendiest retail lines for years.  Historically, it has also proven to be one of the most challenging branding options, since the zipper prevents the garment from laying flat under the screen, causing unavoidable disturbances and inconsistencies in the ink flow, so to speak.  With advancements in machinery and other fun behind-the-scenes facts we totally geek out about (but won’t bore you with), over-the-zipper printing has become an art we’re proud to say we’ve finally mastered, which means we are so ready to rock your hoodie world.  


For more information on all of the additional behind-the-scenes services Brand-On offers, such as custom patches on the coolest headwear, kitting and custom packaging for your virtual events, online stores, fulfillment and so much more, go to brand-on.us/our-work/.

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