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Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  


We’ve heard these words since we were kids, and while it seems like a simple enough way to live life a little greener, the 254 million tons of compostable waste not composted by Americans each year says otherwise.  Now more than ever, there seems to be an increasing sense of urgency in doing our part as humans to preserve our planet for future generations, and with Earth Day 2021 right around the corner, we thought we’d share some ways you can contribute to ongoing Save the Planet efforts, while simultaneously marketing that awesome brand of yours.


Earth Day began in 1970, and it’s beginning is still considered to be the largest environmental movement in history to this day.  The devastation our nation saw as a result of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill in 1969 is credited to helping create the modern environmental movement, and call-to-action efforts to raise awareness and create substantial environmental change has been celebrated nation-wide on April 22nd of each year ever since.


We talk often about the importance of sustainability, and if you’ve been following along with us, you definitely know how we feel about why it’s imperative to JUST SAY “NO” TO CHEAP PROMO.   We’ve talked about eco-friendly promotional products and branded apparel that allows you to give-back to clean water initiatives around the world.  What we haven’t talked about, however, is plant promo.  That’s right, friend.  Branding your business with plants is not only a real thing, but it’s a wildly trending “thing” with absolutely no slow down in sight.  



Who doesn’t love a happy little succulent plant to brighten up the home or workspace?!  This fan favorite comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making it the perfect thank-you gift for your clients.  Whether they’re back in the office or still working from home, you can bet these adorable little guys will take up some premium desk real estate, ensuring your brand is not only being constantly remembered, but it’s also bringing all of the happy feels  to the recipient all day long.  


Everybody knows that indoor plants are a great way to improve air quality.  Plants have also  been proven to be therapeutic; reducing stress and anxiety levels, ultimately improving one’s overall quality of life.  But what about gardening?!  Sure, gardening is a sure fire way to eat healthier knowing your veggies and herbs aren’t being infused with pesticides before you feed them to your family,  and for those born with a green thumb, gardening has always been an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the springtime.  But recent studies have shown that gardening also has the ability to boost self-esteem, as well as improve physical and mental health.  In a world where we’ve been forced to spend more time in our homes than ever before, gardening is quickly becoming a new favorite pastime for singles and families; spanning across all age and geographical demographics.  


These Seed Paper Matchbooks are a super creative and insanely inexpensive way to promote being one with our planet while getting some Vitamin D to boost the immune system.  The opportunities to amplify your image are endless with the full-color decorating capabilities, and you can pack an even bigger punch behind the impact this makes on the recipient with a fun message such as “We are BLOOMING with gratitude!” to let your clients and employees know how much you appreciate them.  With countless renditions of shapes, sizes and contents, customizing your brand’s vibe to match the intended recipient while maintaining that same feel-good concept is a breeze.


Looking for a more upscale way to brand your business the Earth Day way?  Check out this Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit, and while you’re at it, take a look at these hydroponic plants, since they just might be one of our new favorite items of all time.  Especially if your brand requires a more modern feel, or if it’s rocking a techy kind of vibe.  


Bottom line?  Make every day Earth Day with plant promo, don’t forget to recycle, and be a kind human.


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