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Everybody loves a good bargain. Maybe it’s a pair of designer jeans you found online marked down 70% that you suddenly just have to have because it’s an insanely great deal, or maybe you get sucked into a store before you even notice what they’re selling, simply because there’s a window sign with BOGO in big, bold, red letters on it.  Credit card companies are constantly competing with each other, offering better cash-back incentives and more, and there are now thousands of money-saving apps available for just about any product or service known to man.  Groupon alone accounted for over 200 million downloads of a mobile ‘coupon app’ in 2019, and that number is expected to increase by over 40% in 2020 as more competitors try to earn that market share with bigger and better deals.  As a consumer, saving money when purchasing anything is always awesome. In our world of promotional products, however, the word “bargain” doesn’t always have the same bang for your buck effect as it does in the retail world, and we want to make sure your brand is never devalued for the sake of saving a few bucks.


Do you remember the last time you received a cheap promo item?  Of course not, because said cheap promo item was immediately thrown in the nearest trash can, contributing to the 90% of materials extracted and dumped into a landfill each year in the United States alone.  Do you remember the last time you received a quality promo item? Heck yes you do! It was that pen you pocketed after signing the check at a restaurant because it gave you the “ooooh this is the smoothest pen ever!” feels, and it was that buttery-soft tee shirt you got for running a 10k that you can’t stop wearing, as we’ve talked about in previous blogs.  Our point is, people simply just don’t throw away quality promotional products, period. Of course choosing to buy quality over quantity does often come with a slightly higher price tag, but you wouldn’t drive a car that compromises all safety features just to save some money, would you?  Okay, that might be a dramatic comparison, but putting your brand on cool, quality product is absolutely important for your image and growing your business, which ultimately affects your bottom dollar.


When it comes to helping you select the right promo for any event, the last thing we want is to see any type of product with your name on it out there in the world if there’s a chance it’s going to end up on a fast track to the local landfill.  When promo is tossed in the garbage, most likely it’s done without any acknowledgement of what was even printed on it in the first place. Ouch – that hurts our promo-loving hearts just thinking about.  Worse than that, it might be purposefully looked at before being tossed away, and BAM!  Just like that, your beloved, respectable brand has instantly left a negative impression on someone, and you can bet your bottom dollar that negative emotion will be triggered the next time your logo is seen by that same person.  Digging deeper, if you’re spending any amount of money on something that isn’t going to do what it’s intended to do, it’s a waste of money. When you buy the cheapest rolls of paper towels at Target, chances are you’re going to use them up twice as fast, meaning you’ll be spending more money in the long run, having to buy them twice as often.  The same goes for promo, although the impact is much greater since those items are in some way, shape or form bought with the intent of creating brand awareness, and further intended to bring you new business as well as help you retain and grow existing business.  


Just as you have options when it comes to shopping retail or downloading money-saving apps, we know you have a choice when it comes to buying promotional products.  And just as sometimes a great bargain doesn’t always mean great quality, inexpensive promo doesn’t have to mean cheap promo.  Whether it’s creating a cool marketing idea to surround and boost the message you want the product to give, or suggesting items that offer a super fun imprint method at a lower price point to make your brand really pop, the added value we pride ourselves on providing you is (we believe) just as important as helping you stick to your budget.  Plus, coming up with fun, creative, different ideas that speak to your individual brand is super fun for us, and it’s totally our jam.  Moral of the story? Help us help you to just say no to cheap promo.

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